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In the Beginning

Now to start off my first blog here, I need to mention a few things.. First, I'm an old guy, so progress here in the world of high speed internet is slow and cumbersome. I like to think of myself as progressive and adaptable, but somewhere along the way, technology has left me in the dust, hence the slow development of this site. Second, is a brief history of how the Bashful Bison came to be. For that I need to swing back almost 2 years. The Asset Management firm of which I am partner, also has a commercial real estate branch, the building at 523 Main in downtown Rapid City was listed for sale through that company. Botticelli's (The restaurant that was located here for years) has been a successful Italian eating establishment, and an institution in this community, so we thought it would be an easy sell..... with Covid, all restaurants became "poison" and what was going to be an easy sell, gathered dust. Enter my expertise... I have been in the foodservice industry now for 46 years, I have a Culinary degree and the last 46 years I have been a devoted student to the art of baking and cooking, so it became my focus to come up with a way to get this building some attention. My first job as an executive Chef was 31 years ago and I have been blessed with a highly successful career that has culminated in my position now as a System and Regional Executive chef for a large healthcare organization, I am responsible for the foodservice in 8 different hospitals.... so, in a moment of clouded judgment I offered my services as an advisor to several potential buyers, promises where made, broken and morphed into me owning, starting up and operating a full on food business at a time in my life where most people are retiring...believe me, that was my plan for this moment in my awaited my attention. Yet here I am, all by my lonesome, retirement is a fleeting and seemingly unobtainable dream at the moment while I see this through. Anybody want to buy a restaurant/ deli?

My longtime passion and focus throughout my career has been the resistance of convenience and processed food, sticking to making things from scratch in an honest and traditional way. From that came my intense drive to focus on local and fresh ingredients. Over the last 9 years I have made a name in town, by supporting local ranches, farms and other restaurants, business and producers that operated here in my home state of South Dakota, enter the Bashful Bison South Dakota Market, solely dedicated to that premise and the support of (as best as any situation can allow) the local food scene. The Bison purchases as much as possible, all our ingredients and retail deli items from producers and growers in this area, somethings we have to out source seasonally, some just have to come from elsewhere (for the moment) but I would say that at this time (not including my coke cooler...... a source of embarrassment for me, but a necessary evil) about 70% of everything in here has a South Dakota origin, we even make our own ketchup and mustard right here! I believe in what we are doing and have faith in that people here in RC are seeing that this business structure is the future. If we are to seriously end food insecurity and achieve nutritional sovereignty in the Black Hills, we must look within ourselves and support our local establishments to the best of our abilities. I know that its hard not to go to Safeway or Walmart, but really..... what is the story of your food (a subject that will be elaborated upon extensively in future blogs) If you do not know where it came from and who grew/ produced it..... in my opinion you should question if its actually safe. GO to the farmers market, support businesses and organization that focus on locally sourced and doing the right thing. A very important step in making Rapid City a better place for all of us!

I will bring this first Blog to a close, I have a lot to say but do not wish to ramble on and on....... So stick together, go outside, breathe deep and feel the wonder of this amazing place that we are lucky enough to call home. If you find yourself hungry, it is my life sentence to feed you, and I promise to the best of my ability, I will not falter and work diligently to ensure the products you get here at the Bashful Bison are made from real and honest food. Keep chuggin' my brothers and sisters, I'm fighting for you!

Hope to see you soon at the Bison............... Chef Scott

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