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Running a little late on this weeks update, still trying to get caught up from last weekend! We are full on into spring now and business is picking up in general, but as usual with this time of year business is hot and cold (just like the weather!). Tourist season is getting started, and from the looks of it, I think we are in for a good summer. So, the rush is on to get our menu finished up, work in more shelf space and smooth out any remaining kinks in our production schedule. At this point, I think we are ready for the summer bull rush!

A couple new items have been added to the menu over the last week, the first, which earned the Rapid City namesake, a 9" sub bun grilled AND toasted, 8oz of thin sliced Evergreen beef, a collection of grilled vegetables (Onion, Pickled red peppers, fresh jalapenos and fresh mushrooms from Black Hills Mushrooms) Chili Lime aioli and smoked gouda cheese from Kasemeisters....this is a monster sandwich, so get your hungry on!

In addition to the new sandwich, we have expanded our drink menu, with homemade Lemonade and brewed Iced Tea, in addition to the lemonade we still have the Italian sodas and we can make flavored lemonade fizzies.... not to disparage Coke, but I wanted to offer something more unique.

That's all I got for right now, still waiting on Dakota Style Chips, to stop shipping all of our South Dakota Potato Chips to California and leave some here for us, but Kasemeister is really helping out with a huge variety of pickles...come try the Bloody Mary dills and we now have Chef Pete's homemade potato salad and some fresh fruit cups to pair up with your sandwiches or pizza. I'll close for now and catch up with you again this weekend, so get outside and bask in the warmth of our South Dakota sunshine.... or bundle up stay warm.... its South Dakota and we are so lucky to call it home even though there is nothing between us and the north pole but barbwire fences! Breathe deep and keep chugging my brothers and sisters, I'm pulling for you!

Yours Truly

Chef Scott

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