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Week Ending May 22

I wanted to start out with this picture, not because I think potato chips.... of all delicious varieties... are poisonous, but the quote rings true! Which brings me to define what we use as our litmus test for all that we do here at The Bashful Bison...#knowthestoryofyourfood.......

If you follow us on facebook, you've probably seen the hashtag #knowthestoryofyourfood .... catchy little phrase, but so much more to it, at least for me. It is something that I let dictate all that I cook and...well... "most" of what I eat...(I don't know the story of those stupid roller grill hot dogs at the gas stations...but I do eat those chewy fustians from hell with great joy in my heart!...a splash of mustard and a bag of cheet-0's and I'm a regular junk food junkie, good lord have pity on me!)

All that being what it is...what is the story of our food? Where does it come from? well, that's part of it, but it goes so much deeper...who grew it? where did it grow, what kind of soil did it grow in, who picked it and when...Is there balance where it microbes in the soil, birds hanging out...what kind of bugs hang out...fertilizer, pesticides involved.... all those questions need to be asked, and the best people to understand those questions and answer them is your local store attendants certainly have no clues, not even the produce manager or the store director.... its getting to know your farmer/ rancher and or producer, going out and taking an interest in your food and/ or their curious about what you eat, and look for reasons to develop relationships with the people who you are so intricately tied too....after all, if we are what we eat....lets make sure we know what it is we are eating!! Know the story of your food should be an important state of mind, and no better place to begin that discovery then our local farmers markets!

In an effort to keep these blurbs short, sweet and to the point, I will sign off and get back to work. It is summer time and the world is coming to see us for the next couple months, so be patient, be kind and help out our friends where we can. It's shaping up to be an amazing summer, so lets not forget to get outside and catch our breath, relax and appreciate how beautiful our home is! Keep chugging my brothers and sisters, I'm pulling for you!

Yours Truly

Chef Scott

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